Baltimore Aircoil Company
BAC is a world leader in the design and manufacture of cooling towers, evaporative condensers, closed circuit towers and thermal storage systems. The superior quality and performance advantages of BAC products are the result of a continuing research and development program and years of engineering experience. BAC Cooling Towers have been certified by the Cooling Technology Institute in accordance with STD-201 for over 20 years.

BAC authorized replacement parts and accessories are engineered and manufactured to original equipment specifications and are guaranteed to be THE PERFECT FIT!

Morin Distribution also provides parts and upgrades for all
makes of factory assembled and
field erected cooling towers.
Amarillo Gear Company
Amarillo Gear Company has a long history of providing high quality, reliabile gear drives for
all makes of cooling towers
ASCO Valves
ASCO is the worldwide leader in
the design and manufacturing of
quality solenoid valves.
Combining over 100 years of
experience with high technology,
ASCO products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam.
Electronic Water Level

The “original” probe standpipe
as developed and improved by
The Cooling Tower Store and
The Morin Company for
over 20 years.
Founded over 70 years ago,
INDEECO designs and manufactures state of the art electric heating and electronic control systems for HVAC and Industrial Applications
Nelson Heat Trace
Nelson has developed the
industry’s leading line of heat
trace cables, controls, monitors
and accessories to deliver the
most efficient, trouble-free and
cost effective heat trace solutions.
T.B. Woods
The TB Woods name is well
known in the power transmission
industry for mechanical
drive train products. TB Woods
provides a variety of products
utilized for HVAC and Industrial
applications including sheaves,
couplings and belt drives.
U. S. Motors
US Motors is an industry leader
in providing “Cooling Tower
Duty” TEFC and TEAO motors.
US Motors are available for all
HVAC and Industrial applications.
Vibration Products
Morin Distribution provides
many vibration products including
Vibration Isolators & Rails,
Springs, Rubber Flexible
Connectors and Expansion
Vulkem Caulking
The Vulkem polyurethane sealers
exhibit superior waterproofing,
sealing and aging qualities
as well as excellent adhesion
and elongation characteristics
for bridging gaps.
ZRC is an international leader in
zinc coating technology for the
protection of iron and steel.
ZRC’s quality system is registered by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to ISO 9001 standards for the design and manufacturer of corrosion resistant coatings.
We also distribute these fine
products for all makes and
models of cooling towers:
• Bearings and Belts
• Couplings and Gears
• Fan Shafts and Fans
• Ladders and Platforms
• Heat Transfer Wetdeck
• Drift Eliminators and Air Inlet