The Whalen Company
Originators of the vertical riser
heat exchanger fan coil unit, The
Whalen Company manufacturers
a family of HVAC products
including fan coil units and vertical stacked water sourced heat pumps used in the construction of hotels, partments, condominiums and other multi-story buildings. From commercial residential applications to retro-fit
and re-hab engineering, Whalen
vertical heating and cooling systems are the top choice in the
market. All Whalen systems feature units that share several
advantages over conventional
systems, including lower installation and maintenance costs, and quiet, efficient performance.
Parts and chassis are available in stock for fast delivery.
Commercial Coil
In business over 25 years,
Commercial Coils, Inc. provides
a broad range of high quality
heat transfer products including
Hot Water, DX and Chilled Water
Coils for HVAC applications.
They have a long standing reputation for engineering excellence, product quality, and
strong commitment to customer