Eaton Cutler-Hammer
The HV9000 Series Drives from
Cutler-Hammer improve efficiency and control costs by
addressing variable air volume,
centrifugal pump and cooling
tower control challenges. The
compact drive provides flexible
options, from control and configuration to installation and
changes, once the application is
up and running.

We also offer Eaton Cutler-
Hammer DP Contactors,
Disconnects and Starters.
Tower Power
Custom Starter/VFD/Control
panels with optimized control of
Cooling Towers and other
Evaporative equipment are
Ultraviolet products to eliminate mold & bacteria & reduce maintenance & energy consumption in air handling systems.

More than 50 years of experience have taught Vibro-Acoustics even the best HVAC noise and vibration control products can do more harm than good when improperly applied.

For that reason, Vibro-Acoustics focuses first and foremost on the proper application of our wide range of products. Rather than merely standing behind our products’ catalog ratings, we provide guarantees for the end result—the occupied space sound criteria.

Morin Distribution can provide
gaskets for most makes and
models of plate and frame heat
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