Over the years we’ve compiled an impressive number of seminars that we are willing to provide to our customers free of charge as an added benefit to working with Morin Distribution. The following seminars can be given directly at your facility or ours. A sampling of our offerings is as follows:
Cooling Tower Basics
Presentation covers entry level information including design configurations, layouts, component definitions and terms, capacity formulas, operation principles, materials of construction and operation and
maintenance recommendations
Automatic Temperature
Presentation covers cooling tower operation principles concerning seasonal issues, capacity controls and design concerns.
Heat Exchanger
Design and Basics

Presentation covers design
basics of plate and frame heat exchangers regarding design, operations, maintenance and materials of construction.
Thermal Storage
Presentation covers basics of
thermal storage systems including design, application, energy savings and maintenance
Water Filtration
Presentation covers the importance of clean operating systems and the benefits provided.Topics include the different types of filtration media, design, applications, systems, operation and maintenance
Water Treatment
Presentation concentrates on
the water chemistry and how it
affects operating systems.
Topics include …
HVAC Glycol Systems
Discussions of glycol in HVAC systems. Ethylene verses propylene glycols and why HVAC inhibited glycol.
If you are interested in setting up one of our seminars or would like
more information about a scheduled seminar please
click here or
contact Chris Healey directly at 301-939-2948.

UVC for Airside Biological Control
UVC applied to airside HVAC units to elimiate bacteria, viruses and mold in the HVAC system. Discussion will cover the technology, proper application and design, and benefits of UVC including improved air quality, energy efficiency, and possible LEED contributions.