LAKOS Filtration Systems
The Lakos Separator and
Cooling Tower Packages are a
proven solution for HVAC
Comfort Cooling Systems,
Process Industries, Public Water
Systems and more. Lakos centrifugal action solids removal
systems are easy to install and
free of routine downtime and

Replacement parts, valves, controls and units are
available for fast delivery.
Process Efficiency
Products (PEP)
Since 1975 PEP has become a
world leader in industrial fluid filtration. PEP manufacturers a
wide variety of specialized sand
media filters for HVAC and
Industrial cooling towers.

Replacement media, parts, controls, valves are available for
fast delivery.
DOW Chemical Company
Dow offers a full range of industrially inhibited, glycol based heat transfer fluids specially formulated for demanding HVAC service. DOW fluids offer outstanding freeze and corrosion protection, excellent heat transfer efficiency, and optimal economy in closed

looped heating and air conditioning, thermal storage systems, ground source heat pump and other HVAC systems.
We currently stock up to 3200
gallons of Ethylene and
Propylene Glycol at our facility in
Columbia available for fast delivery.

The Morin Company
Glycol Services
Analysis, Installation, Removal &
Disposal, Glycol Feeders and
Filtration devices are all available.

Morin Distribution provides  non chemical & chemical water treatment for cooling tower loops. Service and contracts are also available through The Morin Company. We also provide top of the line chemical treatment metering pumps and controllers by Pulsafeeder

DuBois Chemicals
Water treatment chemicals, equipment & service for Boilers, Steam, Condenser & chilled water systems.